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Jensen Durica

Dear Jensen Mikelle Durica,

I want to start this letter off by explaining just how much you mean to me. Not only have I been privileged to see your gorgeous smile for the many years we were friends, but you have also been an emotional rock for me through some of the toughest parts of my life. Now here we are several years later, engaged with an absolutely precious child and I honestly could not be happier. However, there is much more to our story and so much more that I am thankful for…

How can I possibly describe just how much you do in a single day? When people hear about the amount of stress and work I have on my plate, my first reaction is to always explain how this was all made possible, and that’s you. For each and every second of my day that I am working, going to school, or running errands I am not there to help you raise Maxwell. Moreover, you still find the time and energy to cook dinner, fold laundry, and clean the house. It’s incredible! I know we joke around that you are “SuperMom” but in all honesty, there is a lot of truth to that. You find the strength and willpower to make this family run smoothly and never once complain about it.

In addition, the amount of sacrifices you have made for Max and I is obscene. I know that things didn’t work out exactly as we had planned, but you faced each and every obstacle and hurdle in our road with a smile on your face. I promise you that when I say I did not wish for you to drop out of college or quit your jobs, I mean it. Furthermore, I get that due to the low salary of my job I have burdened you in many ways such as: having to cut back on clothes shopping, limiting our dates, and not having all the luxuries you were used to.

However, I want to make sure that you are aware of my promise to succeed. I have been given one life to live and I’ve already made plenty of mistakes along the way. Yet, I know that due to your persistent presence in my life that I will end up doing something amazing. You have my word. Jensen, I love you more than you will ever know and I swear on my life that I will eventually provide you with everything your heart could ever desire. Thank you for being the light in my darkness.


Mathew Moose

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