Describe Your Favorite Method of Procrastination

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

So as we wrap up the end of this semester, I do not think there could be a better ending prompt. As I mentioned last week, we began working on our final projects and artist statements. Since this is a huge undertaking, it only makes sense that we should discuss what we do instead of the assignment!

Procrastination is something that I truly believe everyone does, just in different degrees of intensity. Inherently there is nothing wrong with small levels of procrastination because sometimes people, like me, just need to recharge prior to beginning another project. It is when a person is pushing off important work until the very end of a deadline that this really becomes an issue.

For me personally, procrastination has never been too much of an issue. Just look at the current iteration of my final project! However, whenever I do need a break from the world, I normally do one of two things to take my mind off work. The first thing I normally do is play video games. Since a very young age I have always been enthralled with the exciting, interactive worlds and twisting plots. As my featured image shows, this habit definitely still exists with me today as I just picked up the latest JRPGXenoblade Chronicles 2, and am unwinding with this most nights.

The second postponing technique for me is watching Anime. Although this has gained some traction in the Western World, it’s still a niche type of entertainment. Yet, I have been watching anime since the days of Toonami as a kid. Since then I have found hundreds of new fantastical series with captivating characters and beautifully hand-drawn scenery. Lately I’ve been trying to keep up to date with the latest Dragon Ball Super episodes and recently sat down to watch The Boy and the Beast with my family.

I hope that this post inspires others to realize that procrastination is not always bad. Even if it’s done by consuming entertainment media like me, there is not always negative consequences by taking out some personal time.

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