Varner Auto Sales Inc.

Google Maps Directions API

This was my first ever project working directly for a client. We worked extensively together from the beginning to ensure that all of his needs were met. We laid out a design and quickly had a mock-up within UXPin to showcase the concept. Before long we were ready to rock with a high-res mock-up and begin coding!

This project’s main focus was ensuring that clientele could quickly and easily access the Varner Auto Sales Inc. website from any device and have an understanding of what the business was about. Once we narrowed down the choices and stuck with using a top navbar and responsive Bootstrap design, the client was ecstatic to see that we could include the original logo within the project. I continued to flesh out the site in order to take feedback throughout the duration of the build.

We moved forward with additional features that the client thought would allow for a better user experience. This included adding image carousels. After showing the client that we could toggle the description in a separate space and allow for larger explanations, he was thrilled with the choice. We then discussed Google Map Directions API functionality to ensure that none of his clientele would miss the business (as they had in the past with the old website). We left in a standard description of how to get there, but also added in the ability to dynamically render a direction sheet with custom printing for simplicity. We also made it so users could only enter the starting address as to prevent any errors when trying to get directions.

Overall, the website was nice and small-scale though I still built it from the ground up for the client. By the end of the process, he was surprised with the results and thrilled to see his website enter the modern age of technology. I provide ongoing support for this site but they have complete control over all future content changes.