Plagiarize Yourself


This week’s prompt was in relation to the remix section of our class that we were ending this week. The particular prompt asked us to find an old piece of writing that we completed in the past, cut it up, and then paste it into the booklet rearranged! Although this seems rather odd at first, I can assure anyone who is curious that it is honestly so rewarding. Having the ability to formulate a completely different idea or remove context from my work is incredible. However, I think the most invigorating part is that I am reshaping my own thoughts and feelings. This is what makes remixing stuff truly exciting to do!

This week I wanted to have a quick entry about remixing which is the basis for the project that I submitted as well as the photo you see above. To begin, I think it has to be reiterated that we discussed the concept of originality not really existing in this day and age. That is, mostly all of the media we interact with on a day to day basis is either computerized, or able to be captured and processed digitally. This ranges from photos and text messages down to our news and music. With all of this content out there and readily available, it’s really hard not to be influenced by it in some way or another.

The photo I created was obviously a picture of me in a suit (looking awesome, I know) that had just a few minor alterations to it. This included a crystallization pattern with a randomly chosen seed, fractal jittering that I tweaked to my likeness, and modifications to the hues and color saturation. Although the heart of the image still exists and my face can clearly be pointed out, you’d have to admit that this is radically different than how I normally look, right? I think this example is the clearest way to explain how simple it is to remix! More importantly though, we can see that I generated a very creative and original picture. However, the content (the original picture) and the tools (photo editing software) were appropriated from different sources and not technically “original” in the sense that I was the first one to have made them.

Although people may just argue that we are getting into a debate of semantics and definitions, there is really a lot of different ideas that go into how remixing is applied. This extends not only into the creative realm of reusing music, but the legal side of stealing concepts and patents. Hopefully this gives you a little more insight into remixing scene as you view my remixed narrative “Moosify”.

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