Make a mixtape for someone who doesn’t know you

Motionless in White

So today I am going to make a mixtape for a stranger. I hope that this list will be able to provide a little more depth about who I am and what I like to do in my spare time. Here goes nothing!

Side A

  1. Game Over – Falling in Reverse
  2. Eternally Yours – Motionless in White (see photo)
  3. Victorious – Panic! At The Disco
  4. Centuries – Fall Out Boy
  5. Tear In My Heart – Twenty One Pilots


This side of the track is comprised of songs that I personally enjoy. They do not have a centralized meaning but all share qualities that I feel are a huge part of my personality such as perseverance, devotion, and success. In the same light, I feel that the melodies all share the ability to captivate me as a listener even though they are all vastly different. I not only believe that these songs are all powerful in their own right, but that they also have the ability to showcase a part of me to the listener.

When I am discovering bands that I personally enjoy, I really feel that the biggest factor for me is the overall message. Even if the song might not be as straightforward as I’d like, if there is a central concept that incorporates the rush and energy of the music itself then I’m normally sold. However, as you’ll see on side B, there are some songs that have stuck with me for completely different reasons.

Side B

  1. What’s Up People – Maximum the Hormone
  2. Triumph and Disaster – Emil Bulls
  3. Battle Theme – Final Fantasy VI
  4. Overworld – Super Mario World
  5. Jump Up, Super Star! – Super Mario Odyssey


This side is something rather bizarre. If you had the gull to listen through all of these tracks, I applaud your resolve. To give a better context of what these seemingly random collection of musical pieces are, I will explain the background of my selection.

Since I was a kid I have always found happiness in both Video Games and Anime, and they have shaped my life in a lot of ways. The first song on this side is actually an intro to the anime Death Note and has always been the catchiest of the opening soundtracks in my opinion. The next song is kind of weird as it is not directly involved in the anime Bleach but actually comes from my favorite Anime Music Video (AMV) about the show itself.
Furthermore, both 3 and 4 are from Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games. Since this was my first console and housed some of the best games ever made, these soundtracks have a special nostalgic place in my heart. Lastly, track 5 just come out with the recent release of Super Mario Odyssey and to me, signifies the idea that these forms of entertainment will always be a huge part of what defines me even as I grow older.

I sincerely hope whoever manages to find this mixtape has a great time because I really had a blast making it! Enjoy!

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