10 things I want to learn.

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This prompt really had me thinking about my schooling and general understanding of learning in a broad sense. While I realize that I could easily name ten different topics of interest to me, it felt unnecessary to try and “limit” myself to only picking ten. All of my life I have been fascinated with trying to understand how things work, but this did not only extend to my interest in technology. On the contrary, it was not until I was older and understood how the inner workings of computers functioned before I became set on a career as a Computer Programmer.

Throughout my studies here at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown I have finally found a greater appreciation for a well-rounded education. Though I was challenged with courses that are far from my personal passions, such as History, it never inhibited my ability and desire to learn the material then ace the exams. The unquenchable urge to continue learning everything in my power continued as I conquered course after course. It was not until I graciously accepted induction into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi that I truly learned my place within academia. The motto of the organization is formed from the Greek phrase “Philosophía Krateítõ Phõtôn”, which loosely translates to “Let the love of learning rule humanity.” This wonderful opportunity lead me to continue to strive for knowledge and never give up on the importance of learning.

However, as with any person who sets out to find knowledge and make their mark on this world, failure will happen. There might be several people out there right this second reading this article or viewing my work and thinking to themselves that I have failed in some way or another. Yet, that is exactly the point of all of this hard work! I intend to set foot into new domains such as digital writing, plan on conquering territories within the web development world, and have my heart set on showcasing my talents in computer science with the purest intent of falling flat on my face. It is through this trial and error that not only will I learn from my mistakes, but I will also start unraveling different unknown talents hidden within myself.

Ultimately, this post may not be an award-winning rambling from a computer scientist but rather the content itself is telling of my ability to learn new concepts. I have infinitely more things that I want to learn in all aspects of my life and it was through my time at University that I have finally been able to have this realization.

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