Who do you feel are your competitors? How could you turn them into collaborators?

This prompt did a fantastic job at reminding me of why I really feel passionate about my major and hobby – computer science. In my field, almost every other developer is technically a “competitor” because they are trying to design programs and apps that redefine the way we use technology. This makes for a constant challenge of staying up to date with the best processes, libraries, languages, etc.

However, being a programmer allows for some of the best collaboration out of any possible career path. Just today I had decided that it was time to employ the help of hundreds of other Redditors to help me improve my website design. Even though I previously explained that all programmers are in competition with one another, they are also some of the most helpful and friendly people in the world.

There is almost an unspoken rule within computer science that helping others is more important than all else. Whether or not this stems from general kindness or just people understanding that collaboration is ultimately better for producing products is irrelevant. This can be seen with sites like Stack Overflow, Code Pen, and GitHub. Collaborative projects among hundreds to even thousands of people are how we have some of the amazing technology we have today.

Ultimately, I am thankful for the help of other people during all of my projects. Not only do they allow me to gain insight and knowledge into the field, but they are always there as helpful guides. I plan on always “competing” with these other people, though when I find someone who is in need of help, I’ll be sure to give them some guidance.

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