Draw a map of your typical week

I have been excited to do this prompt since the day that I got home from the bookstore and flipped through my Steal Like an Artist Journal. The reasoning is really straightforward; nobody would expect the kind of life that I have given a map of the places I go.

This week we have been talking about “Location-Based Narratives”. These are stories that rely heavily on location in order to be engaging. The premise is that narrative content can be layered ontop of physical locations in order to change the dynamics of an artifact. Location-based narratives normally involve or engage participants, even if it’s just by mentally connecting them to a place depicted by a photograph. This concept quickly became home for Augmented Reality Apps; software that allows the user to interact with an artificial world by digitally changing the perception of our own world. The most notable examples of this are the AR filters seen within Snapchat. Video game companies soon took hold of this market, especially Nintendo, with the launch of AR cards and Pokemon Go.

Furthermore, location-based narratives are extremely diverse and have the ability to come in many different forms. The map that I chose to create today does not directly explain anything beyond a couple places and the roads that connect them. However, when I provide the following context, the photo and this blurb will create a harmonious whole that depicts an average week in my busy life.

Although I only have 4 locations on my map, I promise you that I am always moving about. On a typical Monday, Wednesday, or Friday I do quite a lot of running around.

  • I head to UPJ for morning classes from 9am to 1pm
  • I quickly scuttle over to Problem Solutions from 1pm to 4:15pm
  • I head back to UPJ for my Writing for Digital Media class until 6pm
  • I clock on at home for my half-shift at Geek Squad until 10pm


The best part of this map though is that it shows the small-town mentality that exists within Johnstown. Knowing that I can live comfortably with my family, get all of our groceries, and earn a living all within 10 miles of each other is extraordinary. However, it’s my hope that existing in this little blip of the world for a couple more years will finally give me the opportunity to bust out and travel all over with my family.

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