Describe what you do in six words

Binary Heart and Cap

I love family, programming, and learning.


It’s as simple as that! This week’s prompt is the last push until our final project. As we’ve spent the last couple months building up to this point, I was very excited to see that our prompts got to deal with the same topic. Purpose.

Hopefully you’ve been able to keep up with the common theme throughout these series of blog posts. If you thought they were just a compilation of a tired software engineer’s ramblings… well, you weren’t wrong… However, there has been a slightly more important commonality between my works. And that my friends, is what we will be discussing as we round out the end of the year!

So with any type of artistry, media, or recreational work there is an underlying reasoning for why it was done. Why has the “artist” devoted this much time into doing whatever they did? Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to dissect and understand. Since digital media has an extremely low-cost entry point (get any electronic device and make a free account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and an ever-growing community of billions of other people from across the world; the “creator”‘s meaning might quickly become lost.

This prompt was a simple way to realign my focus and ensure that I was still on the straight and narrow path. By limiting myself to a sentence of six words, I had to deliberately exclude huge portions of my life in order to provide a robust, yet concise answer. Since next week is going to have a lot more content to discuss regarding this topic, I will leave you with my featured image. If you haven’t figured out what it is by now, zoom out as far as you can. Keep going! Still don’t get it? It’s a heart (I love family) with a graduation cap (learn) made up of binary code (program).

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