Cut out the panels of a comic strip, rearrange them, and paste them here.

cupcakes remixed

This prompt was really fun to do because I got to reinvent one strip of my favorite webcomics, Cyanide and Happiness! Now I do want to explain that they do have their own Random Comic Generator on their site that allows anyone to make hilarious shorts. Additionally, they have a Card Game that takes this idea and makes it into a game for friends! However, this post is going to be a little bit more than a shameless plug…

In our Writing for Digital Media class, we have been discussing remixing and sampling a lot and the different styles and forms that these concepts can take. Remixing is the appropriation of existing media and the subsequent reshaping or recontextualizing that creates a new work. Sampling on the other hand, is a type of remix that directly copies bits and pieces of other media and inserts them into bodies of new work.

While we looked at some interesting pieces in class that ranged from digital texts to printed photographs, most media that has been created in this century has some way or another remixed a previous concept. Although people may tend to ignore this fact, or simply not realize it while consuming media, there is a lot of “creative stealing” going on. My comic strip was just a quick example of selective remixing; that is to add or remove select elements from an original work while leaving the aura intact. However, there are many more examples that we covered in class (with my personal favorite of the bunch being Garfield Minus Garfield).

I think it’s very important for people to realize the amount of remixing that goes on in our world today; though I don’t just mean to have an educational understanding of the topics. Remixing and sampling both extend much further than just the classroom, or even just entertainment. These concepts are insanely important in most careers that exist today. It can be seen in marketing advertisements that use remixed content, computer scientists who sample code libraries from millions of other developers, journalists who alter their covered stories for an interesting twist, and many more!

Ultimately, I hope that everyone took the time to enjoy my simple comic strip today but also realized the importance that remixing has within our culture and society. Stay tuned for my upcoming remix narrative!

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