Ask the person nearest to you what you should do with this page…

This prompt really opened my eyes to the amount of influence that entertainment media has on my generation. For those of you who were unaware of the prompt’s layout, it was just a series of dots aligned to make a grid. We were then assigned to do exactly what you would expect from the prompt, get ideas from the person nearest to you.

While asking others what I should do with this page to get my creative ideas flowing, I was amazed to not only hear “play the line game” (Dots and Boxes for those of you who are unfamiliar) but also immediately thought to myself and told my partner to “make some pixel art” (Digital Art primarily used in video games). While I didn’t think too far into it at first (because hey, who doesn’t like playing Dots and Boxes?) I stopped and thought about the answer I was given and the answer I gave. I quickly decided that I had to go ask a couple other students (who appeared to not be heavily into computer science like myself) and sure enough I kept getting answers similar to “draw a picture” and “write down your thoughts”.

As I decided to head home and think about what this all meant in terms of the persuasive influence video games have on me, I checked the time and realized that I was just in time for the Nintendo Switch Direct! Sure enough, my fiancee and son piled on the couch right beside me and watched the entire 45 minute presentation all about video games.

In the end, I can definitely say that my generation might be swayed by the content that we view and it will definitely be a topic of my future study. However, I couldn’t imagine my life being any other way as a Computer Scientist with a passion for video games and entertainment.



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